Apart from the problem that some people have with the stimulant element of the chocolate and the sugar content, there are subtler, yet I would consider more important, factors.

Soya products are used in two main ways

1. As a substitute for the white effect of milk and
2. It's derivative; 'lecithin' for it's emulsifing properties.

To avoid all the above you can try Rapunzel Chocolate

Plamil uses lecithin from sunflower seeds in it's organic and non-organic chocolate. "We use sunflower Lecithin in all products where Lecithin is used, . . . . . . even when we add a Soya ingredient. . . . . there is currently no organic Lecithin of any commercial grade available. . . . . . (Plamil : - 6th July, 2004)

Green and Black, label their Organic Chocolate as GMO free.

Evernat will not confirm that the soya lecithin is GM FREE

Be carful out there.

Last updated 06-Jul-04