Date 22nd March, 2000

  1. 1. Onah's just informed me that I owe her 15. I don't think I do, but if her and Steve don't remember me giving them back money after the last order then I will have to consider I may not have done so and pay or credit them the 15.
  3. 2.This is embarassing and inconvienient so I'll have to take some action to limit such a problem arising again by doing one or both of the following

(i) I shall supply and ask for signatures on the invoices/receipts and

(ii) Leave the onus on you to check that there is no money outstanding that is owed to you and that you get some signed and dated written confirmation of that. I will put most of such info on the website, but a) it may not get put on the web quickly or at all and b) It may be supercedded by some other wriiten invoice/receipt.
If you then later claim that I owe you money I will not have so much of a problem as I will not be having to keep a check on all it alone.




Date 18th March, 1999

1. The organic sunflower oil is deodorised. How they do it I don't know.

Essential called me on the Friday before the order was due and told me there was no Meridian organic sunflower oil available only some organic French sunflower oil, and then only one 5Lt and one 25 Lt. I wasn't told the 25Lt was deodorised. We had this oil before by default when ordering from Drew Farm.

There was a bit of fuss about getting the oil decanted, Vera was going to hang around, but I said I would do it later and bring it to her. However Steve was more insistent on doing it immeadiatley, and it was done in a bit of a hurry. Only after Steve had gone off with his 5Lt, did Gavin and I notice it said deodorised. I've complianed to Essential that I wasn't told it was deodorised, so I hope they and we will be more carefull in future.

2. The Essential smooth no salt peanut butter seems over roasted

Essential have agreed to take the two items back.

3. Green Cocktail Olives. Gavin ordered Cypressa (3Kg for 4.66) rather than Sunita (2Kg for 4.99) and he didn't like them. Ian and others tried them and thought they were a bit off. The first Idea was that they may be treated with lactic acid that is a byproduct of making feta cheese for example.

I spent some hours today checking this sort of thing out by calling Sunita and Cypressa as well as Essential. George Skoulikas who runs Sunita, said none of the olives he sells use lactic acid from any animal source. he said the lactic acid in the olives is self produced as in the fermentation of cabbage for saurekruat.

However some disturbing news came from Cypressa. I spoke to a Mr. Soupashis in the quality control section. Whereas he stated there is no animal lactic acid used, he whent on to say that these specific olives (The Green Cocktail Olives) have been softened using caustic soad (NaOH). He was prompt to add that they are well washed afterwards.

I spoke to George Skoulikas again after that, as I was a bit insecure, but he reafirmed that none of his are treated that way. He went on to say that some people do prepare them that way as they can use very unripe olives and get themn to the market for sale very early each year. he said he specifically gets olives that ahve been left long enough that such a softening process is not used.

Still I feel uncomfortable about green olives now, so I think we may not buy any more.

Esential have now decided to take them back.

Well there's organic black olives, and organic peanut butter. So maybe we had better make a better choice????

Love XXXX and cuddles to you all.


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