Please send me details of any problems with the products within 2 days to guarantee a refund or replacement. And you can complain any time about anything else, by sending a message via the post box below.

Where an item is returned as unfit for the purpose you purchased it, and it is accpeted by essential, you will be credited with the money you paid or the money will be returned to you. However as essential require that the produce be returned to them before they will give credit, a number of problems can and have arrived.

You may leave messages on the forum.

1. Essential cock-up sometimes, and don't credit without reminders,

2. Where they do
a) the produce has to be returned on the next order, which will regularly be a month later and
b) once they have recived the produce the credit will be available the following order which invariably will be another month later -so that's two months if all goes to plan.

3. Take into account that the best is only a credit at this point and things can go wrong, you may not get your money back for a while, if that's what you want.

4. I could cover any credits by paying you any, but this is not an ordinary business and I don't make any money whereby I could cover all such circumstances. So if I do decide to repay you any money for produce returned then it will be at my discretion.

5. I will do what I can to reclaim any credit outstanding but any order you place is conditional that you do not hold me soley responsible for Essential's inability or refusal to return any money or credit to me for you. If credit or money is deemed appropriate by you or me, then whereas I am prepared to argue the toss with Essential I will not go over the top in spending time and money to obtain any credit or money.

Updated:- 23 Jul 2004