Dear MEP  

Excuse this 'common' email to all South West MEPs.

I have written and emailed(where possible) to each of you about my concerns that many of you will vote against the Karin Scheele's amendments, A5-0225/2002,  to Directive 2001/18/EC.

This addendum is with reference to the exemption from labelling of foods that contain less than 1% GMOs.

As  the method of testing looks for the 'offending' gene this will always be a small part of not just the protein but the 'whole' food.

Further as tomatoes only have 0.9 protein in their normal state, i.e. other than dried, the whole protein falls below the 'threshold' let alone that protein which may contain 'fish genes'.

How does the legislation deal with this problem or has it been overlooked?

Please answer this question with some urgency. If you cannot find an answer by 'time to vote' then I am sure with all integrity you cannot fail to object to such a high level of contamination.

Clearly many GM products may therefore be sold 'legitimately' without any labelling at all.  

Please give this matter your urgent attention.   I understand that voting against amendment 9 may curtail the release of GM products to the consumer but I am sure that the majority of consumers will not be happy with legislation that is so sloppy that;  a shoal of fish enhanced GE tomatoes will swim through it.


I ask that you vote for all the amendments - except no. 9

Yours Roger Lovejoy

cc.  The Guardian, Friends of the Earth, Green peace, Colin Breed MP, TV stations and all etc.