The World As We Know It

The world is changing all the time and some pretty remarkable changes have happened recently.

By recently I mean since the hu-man has been around.

Gene-tically Bo-ring Hu-mans

The Begining Of The World As We Know It

From the year 30,000
to 3000

Population growth needed agriculture to provide a secure food supply  

3,000 -300

Forests started to be cleared for agriculture, feul, boats and buildings. The forests of the Mediterranen region have their final hour

In the last millenia or so agriculture has precipitated influential changes on the forests of Eurasia.


300 - 30

With ever increasingly sophisticated weapons of war, the remaining forests are all but anhialated. The so called Sherwood and New Forests of England are mere woodlands, supporting a ragtag of inhabitants of the conquered kingdoms.

In the last few hundred years most of the trees have been felled and thousands of species of animal and plant life have been exterminated.


30 - 3

Increasingly powerful mechanical plant and chemical engineering products, are used to suppress the remaining wildlife. With instant demolition and the application of biotoxins to destroy innumerable families of flora and fauna. Other incentives are employed to force bioforms, that can be exploited, to grow at our will.

In the last few years, our methods to provide security and entertainment have reached the point where 50,000 species are being removed each year.


3 - 0

With the biosphere falling back under man's heavy onslaught, we implant new puppet regimes to take control. These organisms are genetically engineered to survive the continuing application of the chemical industry. Each year from now on we can confidently predict the destruction of not only large family of beings but their genetic history. We will not be bothered by their offspring, only their ghostly memories.

Hu-mans are openly, genetically selecting their offspring to fit in with the New Earth Philosophy

The End Of The World As We Know It

0 - 3

The immediate future for those wielding their magic wands seems too good to be true. They no longer face a future of feeling mere animals at the mercy of every change in the weather. Only raging storms can stop human progress now.  

3- 30

The remaining wild things are reaching thier final hour. Many ancient bio-forms are struggling to survive but the genetic spores have reached the most remote areas and are successfully mutating any remaining old-fashioned species.  
30 -300 Space travel progresses, spured on with the increasing population and lack of suitable bio habitats to maintain healthy bodies and minds. Bio-mechanical engineering develops as a means of providing the variety that had been lost during the genetic wars  
300 - 3000 Earth becomes a shrine to bio-spacial engineers. It is still an suitable planet for experimentation on intesive bio-humanoid development.  


The future is one of a handful of plants that provide big incomes to the chemical industries who now bio-engineer the seeds of their own destruction.

As a race we have reached the end of human life and must soon look forward to a planet of biological machines.

If you haven't watched Startrek for years, see if you can get some episodes where the Borg are playing their part in Galactic evolution.

We have long lost the time to worry about this planet, the sometimes called 'Mother Earth'. Our birthplace is amongst the starts and we shall have to regenerate soon.

Objection to genetic engineering will not stop it, but it will give those, that enjoy the variety of the local countryside and those that chose to argue that it is dangerous, a reason to be a part of a common breed. The bio-engineers thank them for thier struggles.

As the death toll grows the survivors will be the source of the New Gene Pool.

Roger Lovejoy: - 9th Nov, 1998