Here's a quick but late bit of News on Genetically altered foods.

Last Updated 26-Mar-01

I've just been shown an article, on page 7 of the Daily Mail of 27th Feb,99 that exposes four welll know products with GE ingredients that the manufacturers don't know about. Since September 1st, 1998 it is compulsory to label any product that contains genetically modified soya or maize.

The products are of interest as they are all 'vegan' type products. The Daily Mail chose the products because they each have a considerable quantity of soya and or maize in them.

The products are

i) So Good Chocolate Flavoured Soya Drink

ii) Realeat Vege Mince

iii) Linda McCartney Mince

iv) Tesco 2 Vegetarian Char-grilled Quarter Pound Burgers.

It's even more of a problem for So Good as they have declared that their products are GMO free. It seems they believed their investigations but did no actual testing. The daily mail sent a sample of each of the above products to the Ministy of Agriculture for testing. All the products gave positive results of contamination with Monsanto's roundup ready soya beans.

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