Genetically Engineering the Environment.

Genetic Contamination in Foods
Europe Gives the Green Light !

The big picture is the anihalation of the biosphere as we know it, plus the possibility of a more direct impact on some families, who will personally suffer untimely illnesses and death, following the comsumption of genetically modified foodstuffs.

Some views on environment engineering For information on products
Short story on the development of human designed environment. A list of manufactures that claim their products are GMO free
A message from Greenpeace Evidence that at least some manufactures cannot get the facts right.

For Help To Help
1. Buy Organic produce where possible
2. Remove non organic soya and maize form your diet etc.
3. Question, critisise and complain to your suppliers.
4. Write, email and phone your MPs and

Some not so recent news
Report on The PlymouthCrown Court hearing of 29th March 1999 - Theo and Shannon

Theo and Shannon's song - Food 'n' Health 'n' Hope (1.841Mb)