Daily Mail 1st March, 1999


"Radiation from mobile phones, .... has already been found to raise the blood pressure of mothers-to-be and has been linked to brain tumours and cancer as well as as headaches and tiredness" ... " The cells involved with short term memory are near the right ear, as are those in the brain stem which are involved with innthe regulation of blood pressure": Daily Mail March 1st, 1999 by Lucie Morris;

Yes that long ago it was publicised that there is brain damage from using mobile phones. Not surprising as it's like puttng your head in a weak microwave. Your brain cells get heated and some die.

Some phones give out more radiation, there's a new nokia which has a ratimg of .25 compared to 1.25 for the old nokia 5110

The lower frequencies the less power and Vodaphone and O2(BTcellnet) are transmiting on 900Mhz whilst Orange and T-mobile(One2One) use 1800Mhz (Mhz is millions of cycles per second).

So to minimise the damage

  1. Use Vodaphone or O2
  2. Buy a good phone - checkout the radiation levels
  3. Use your left ear - unless you get a problem then alternate
  4. Use an ear-piece