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From: Roger Lovejoy

To: president@whitehouse.gov mrs; first.lady@whitehouse.gov ; vice.president@whitehouse.gov ; mrs.cheney@whitehouse.gov
Cc: Planning Inspectorate ; John Prescott ; Glaxo ; DTI (Gov) ; Colin Breed ; first.lady@whitehouse.gov ; protest@foeeurope.org

Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2001 6:47 AM

Subject: Message from The Rt. Hon Tony Blair's employers

Dear Mr. President,
followers and
the other 98% of the Earth's population,

I ask that you consider supporting the Kyoto Protocol.

To prevent global warming rapidly becoming an unprecedented disaster it seems clear to me that the United States containing 4% of the worlds population and yet producing some 25% of global warming gases should take the lead in downgrading activities that have such damaging effects. With already a huge tech advantage over most other nations, if you cannot do it then what hope is there for the other 96% of the population.

Should you not be able to take the lead, clearly the problem of restraining the other 96% will become an ever increasing problem.  Given your recent track record of competing with China, who have 25% of the population, I consider your weakness in being unable to support the Kyoto agreement recently as showing less backbone that a grade 2 movie star, which we've already had the pleasure of seeing trying to run the world economy.

What with global warming and genetic restructuring of the biosphere, only raging storms  can stop the human onslaught now ... mmmmm Desert Storm .... where have I heard of that recently.

The economic advantage of being the first nation to show materially effective use of resources without compromising security and an expanding intelligent human consciousness, surely will go down as the turning point in what can at best so far be seen as struggling peoples screwing anyone who appears to be looking the other way, or desperate enough to bend over for a drink from earth's all to hard to find, free, pure and cool springs.

Please join me in fighting irreversible and significant climate change.

I have tried, in my way, to add some humour to this sad affair, but it really is, no laughing matter.

Yours Sincerely,

Roger Lovejoy