There's an inherent danger in wanting to help someone. There's the asumption that the provider has something the needy wants. In that disparity the provider holds power over the other and will seem in a postion to give or withdraw what to the other will undoubtedly seem nothing other than a power trip. It really is that, for in a world of equality each would be able to obtain their needs without recourse to the Havits charity. The only reason the Havits have anything to give at all it due to their aquistion of what Equaltiy would argue, is a common source. That the Havits have worked harder is not tenable, the Mother with her 24/7 care of children is likely to work far harder than the Father.

Charity begins at home I've been told and yet in some ways it makes sense but not as I have been encouraged.

It begins with the self so that's one

Yet I propose the other is that to give of oneself is to take a back seat and not force food for thought of tummies on others and not to compete or indulge whilst others want.

The idea that I should give to those closest to me, like my sons and daughters is misconceievd. True they get full attention in the womb and thereafter usually most of the Mothers and some considerable of the Fathers attention by way of Shelter and sustanance. Yet to continue feeding and sheltering offspring when they are indulgent and clearly have more than others is not charity at home but incestuous inbreeding of wealth.

It is no better to target other Wanters as by indulging them disparity is increased with other no-havers. Poverty is only relative by getting closer to the poor the poor become richer, so charity begins at home by reducing consumption so that others do not have to struggle for their's.

In a world of competitative beings that group to co-operate there seems little need or ability for the Haves to share the World. The Haves maintain their lofty position over the Destitute by force not by co-operation. The only co-operation is within the groups not within lives.

Life needs no co-operation as it is the same cloned being everywhere. Dreams however do need co-operation and that can only be maintained with Charity. The giving of oneself unconditionally to the other permanently.

Sit, sleep, walk; take a little time to think a little water to drink and wonder who else is thirsty who is uncomfortable and can be held close to their dreams by personal integrity.