Sustainable endeavours are the development of methods and structures
the goal of which is to eliminate an individuals detrimental impact upon other lives
human or otherwise.

Jennifer Blaggins may wish to involve herself in company of a non-smoking regime with a number of people on a smallholding. An agreement is reached that clarified. Jennifer does not extol any virtues in smoking but finds it hard to quit (she smokes ten a day). She suggests that with support she could reduce her smoking to an eventual cessation. This will be attempted over the coming year by her smoking one cigarette less per day during each of the next 10 months.
Simon Smarty-pants is a special brew freak and a similar agreement is reached.
This does not mean that Jennifer and Simon can exchange, sell or give away their allotment. The agreement is for their consumption not their exploitation. It is necessary to support others endeavours to limit their impact by not offering them involvement in habits we chose for ourselves to continue. In such cases as Simon he should drink his ale alone and dispose of the can personally. In either event others may not wish to tolerate the smell of someone who drinks or smokes and so the exceptions will only work in certain environments.

Roger Lovejoy sustainable July 23, 2004