Judicial Review

The hearing is on 26th April at the High Court, Strand, London.

In accord with part 6 of the 1995 GPDO, I sent a PNA to the LPA to inform them that I intend to erect windmills, sheds, a greenhouse, and dig some ponds to help in my agricultural business.

I am argueing that the council did not respond appropriatley to my application within the 28days allocated, and therefore by default I can go ahead without further recourse to their concerns on the exact materials to be used and the exact siting.

However to cover the posibility that the LPA will try and stop my enjoyment of the GPDO, I have asked a high court judge to declare that I may go ahead.

It has taken about two years to get this far, and the proposed date for the hearing is 26th, April, 1999.


Wel,l the judge said I hadn't made it clear whether I was using all the materials in the list or some of them so I have sent an other letter to the council stating that I intend using all the materials. Should they accept that, the next arguments are about what constitutes an agricultural business or trade.


Last up dated 07/05/99