Introduction to the Enforcement Notice, that Caradon District Council issued
to remove 'Reine Des Flots' from it's mooring, off Harewood, Calstock, Cornwall.

We lived aboard 'Reine des Flots', an old french fishing vessel, whilst rebuilding her under a railway viaduct.Short History

To help in the agriculture and forestry work on 39 acres of land, adjacent the River Tamar, 'Reine des Flots' was moved up the River Tamar, a mile or so further than Calstock, and moored on the Cornish foreshore opposite an old arsenic mine called Gawton,

The new mooring is still tidal and there are public navigation rights so I didn't anticipate any substantial problems.

This story is going to be a long time writting, so for now here's a link to the last bit, the advice to the Legal Aid Board, stating the case against the last decision of a High Court Judge.

(18th Dec, 98) Legal aid has been granted, notice has been given to the Council and the Treasury Secretary that there is an appeal and the appeal has been lodged and accepted by the High Court. Belay That: I have just (13th Jan, 99) been informed that the transcript of the hearing is contrary to the court order, so the Treasury Secretary is writing to the court to have the Order amended. We will now have to treat our application to the court as a request for leave to appeal, rather that a request for an appeal hearing. Oh well!?

Latest News On April 27th the appeal was dissmised. The reason given was that i had not explained the arguments properly. (This may be a frequently used excuse when the courts are reluctant to overturn an earlier decision on what appears to them minor points. See the PNA hearing where the same happened)