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National Policy:-
District Development:-
  • Tritium polution of the River Tamar - more an Envonmental Agency Legal Issue
  • My appeal against an enforcement notice
  • Judicial Review of 26th April ,1999
    Whether the Local Planning Authority have power to request detailed information in a PNA
    Lost:- Judge said my information was confusing!

Direct access to my Planning Folder

Offer of Help!!
If you would like to discuss planning issues regarding the topics below,
please contact me,
  • using land for agriculture and forestry
  • small alterations to homes which provoke problems with the council
  • living on the river

Also, please visit the 'Campaign for Planning Sanity' @
Local community support for adverse planning & development applications

NOTE If you're in the country, or a small town, using a local solicitor may be unproductive as many people are reliant on each other. You may find you are up against the local wall. Here in Plymouth and South East Cornwall, money and local politics are tightly welded together, so I use solicitors in Yeovil. The long arm of local gentry, hopefully dosen't reach there from here.